Welcome to the next generation of Aeries

For more than 27 years, Aeries has been a leading student information system. From our open architecture and highly accessible database structure to our industry-leading API and 3rd party partnerships, Aeries has always believed that our customers should control their data. We've always aimed to empower our users by staying ahead of industry trends and advancements, and our future is no different.

Technology is always advancing and evolving. Shouldn't your SIS do the same?

What does the future of Aeries look like?

At Aeries, we believe empathetic innovation starts with us, and we invite you to join us as we navigate the student experience together. We are constantly engaging with our users, as well industry experts, to deliver the SIS of the future - a future where all means all and students and administrators have control of their data.
  • We believe data should be visible.

    Users can employ enhanced, user-friendly, and resilient methods to manage data from Aeries. Increased options, interactivity, advancements in integration and user experience, across the Student Information System (SIS) and its satellite applications and partners. Everyday users will appreciate the speed and convenience of obtaining relevant student information quickly and easily.

  • We believe data should be visible, but not vulnerable.

    We're already fully cloud-native. Join us to harness cutting-edge technologies to identify optimal solutions, offering secure, fast and uninterrupted access with redundancy and the "nines" you expect from a SaaS product. Our approach can provide self-service as always, system scaling when appropriate, and numerous additional features and toolsets to provide next-level SIS management.

  • Customer-centricity is an Aeries Company Value.

    It's all about you and, above all, the students! We prioritize our customers' requirements in all aspects of our operations. Advisory Committees have been formed to gain insights for strategic advancement, industry experts help us help you, and our collaborative approach with all of our customers drives our product features.


What is happening with NextGen?
When will I be moved to the new version? What is the process?
When will new modules and features be released?
Will we have an option to stay on Classic?
Will I need to be cloud-hosted?
How can I get involved in Aeries' product development process?

Want to Play a Role in the Development Process?

We encourage all users to share their voice by applying to join the Advisory Committe.

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