Mobile apps for every stakeholder role

Providing on the go access for admins, teachers, parents, and students on the go, our portals and mobile apps put student data in the palm of your hand.

Instant access to information

Computers aren’t always available. Aeries apps make student data accessible anywhere.

Multi-lingual support

Aeries apps automatically adapt to the language preference of your users’ smart device, with new languages being added.

Dedicated apps available for your smartphone

Get ahead of your disciplinary issues before they manifest.

Mobile Portal - Parent & student app

Check in on student progress anytime, anywhere

Aeries Mobile Portal puts student data in the palm of your hand. View grades, attendance, contact and demographic information for your student, all on the go.
Aeries Teacher - Teacher portal app

Classroom-ready mobile tools for teachers

The Aeries Teacher app provides a focused mobile experience for common teacher tasks like taking attendance, accessing the gradebook and more.
EM2 - Emergency management app

Sync data for offline access in an emergency

Aeries EM2 provides access to basic student, contact, discipline, medical, class and attendance information, and allows offline data caching. This is crucial during emergencies where access to a computer and/or network is not available.

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