Aeries Communications

Launch your district’s communication network

From mass notifications to classroom communication, Aeries Communications offers two-way messaging and engagement tools for parents, students, and everyone to stay connected and engaged.

Emergency and general messaging - phone, email and SMS

Expand your reach across all stakeholders and enable better communication and engagement.

Quick-and-easy surveys, polls, forms and permission slips

Supporting your existing workflows with intuitive and robust communication functionality.

Leverage social engagement for student engagement

Use the language of our students and families and maximize engagement through social media.

District-wide communication, on your terms

Today’s tech means families are more engaged than ever. Communications gives districts a tool to foster and manage that engagement with proper oversight.

  • Simplified, familiar user experience

    Provide ease of use for every stakeholder, from administrators to faculty to parents and students.

  • Your platform, your rules

    Communication is inevitable - now it can happen on a platform your district manages and monitors.

  • Unify communication data

    No longer will valuable insights be locked away in many different tools and apps, unable to be analyzed.

  • Why Aeries Communications?

    Whether you’re a district of 5,000 or 500,000, Aeries Communications unlocks the door to stakeholder engagement

    Tools for every role

    Engagement and collaboration are made easy in a one single easy-to-use platform designed for everyone - districts, schools, teachers, parents and students.

    Top-down reporting

    Improve engagement in your district with tools to analyze and report on user activity, giving you a window into your district through your communication network.

    Multi-channel communication

    Reach parents and students where they spend their time. Aeries Communications lets you distribute messaging across email, voice, SMS text, social, websites, and in-app notifications.

    Break down language barriers

    Users’ messages are automatically translated into the preferred language of the recipient, leveraging the latest technology to connect your staff with English language learners in your network.

    Best-in-class security

    Offering regulation compliance and an infrastructure built on leading cloud platforms, application security and service uptime are built in to Aeries Communications.

    Tight integrations

    Aeries Communications talks directly with Aeries Student Information system to keep data in sync and up to date, reducing the need to duplicate work.

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