Data Conversion 

We make it easy to convert your current system to Aeries® SIS.

The Aeries Software team will review with you your current system and assist in determining whether a database-to-database conversion is possible (SQL or Access based only) or if data extracts will be required (Oracle, MySQL, etc.). We will also work with you to determine whether the conversion will be a switch-over (specific date) or a phased conversion where parts of Aeries become available as needed while the old system is still being used.

We will then code the necessary routines and allow you to start verifying the data in Aeries. Multiple iterations are commonly done.  Once the conversion is complete a copy of the conversion code is available to the district to do any/all prior years or, for a small fee, the Aeries staff will run the routine for as many years data as you wish converted into Aeries.