Aeries Communications is the complete communication suite for your K-12 community, integrated with Aeries. With cloud-based mass communication, internal collaboration, business intelligence, and industry-leading oversight – we’ve got you covered.

  • Mass Communication: Quickly and easily send announcements to the district, school or classroom. Announcements are delivered via app, text, email and phone call.
  • Internal Messaging: Send messages directly to colleagues and staff or initiate a translated conversation with a parent. Aeries Communications keeps conversations efficient and contained.
  • Secure Oversight: Districts need to protect themselves and their students. Every announcement and conversation within Aeries Communications is contained, archived and easily searchable.
  • Smart Integration: Tying into your district SIS, Aeries Communications can automatically deliver notifications for attendance, grade thresholds, lunch balances and more. 

Made for Districts

Working alongside district leaders, Aeries Communications provides a tailored solution built around the needs for today's education community. We give districts one central hub for all communication.

  • Reach: When emergencies occur, time is critical. Swiftly and reliably distribute your mass communication in seconds.
  • Insights: With Aeries Communications' powerful dashboards, you have a snapshot of activity, deliveries, trends, and historical archives.
  • Efficiency: Create, collaborate, and automate in record time. We make things simple so you can get more done - saving time and money.

Perfect for Schools

Principals, teachers and coaches need a safe and engaging way to connect with parents, students and peers. Taking a user-centered approach, Aeries Communications cuts down on the learning curve with an intuitive, simple and enjoyable experience.

  • All-in-one: It’s no longer necessary to manage numerous channels. With Aeries Communications, everything from mass messaging to one-on-one conversations are under one umbrella.
  • Retention: Schools with a data-driven approach can make informed decisions leading to increased student success. With automatic notifications for attendance, grades and behavior, we can help keep things on track.
  • Engagement: Barriers to communication and lack of engagement can have drastic effects on student performance. Aeries Communications intelligently closes the gap with automatic translation, group collaboration tools and data insight into what is working. 

Loved by Parents

Parents want to know what’s going on with their kids, plain and simple. Aeries Communications provides parents an easy way to receive urgent messages, stay up-to-date on school activities and contact their child’s teachers.

  • Custom Tailored: Aeries Communications lets each member decide when and how they want to be notified. Giving the end-user control removes any guesswork and greatly lowers message fatigue.
  • Direct Line: Lowering barriers so a parent can quickly jump in and communicate directly with teachers and school departments no matter what language they may speak.
  • Mobile: Knowing parents are on the go, Aeries Communications can easily be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile device. Additional settings are available for text messages and voice calls. 

To request an onsite demonstration of Aeries Communications, please email