Aeries Apps Privacy Policy

Data You Provide Us

The Aeries apps do not collect any data, sensitive or otherwise, from end-users that download and utilize it on their phones. The Aeries apps provide a view of the data collected and maintained separately within the Aeries® Student Information System. Your account login information (including password) is securely stored on your local device in the encrypted keychain and potentially in any password keeper or backups you may have.

Use of Your Data

Aeries uses your Aeries account login information (including password) to directly access the Aeries® Student Information System server(s) where the data lies. Your login information inputted must authenticate against the Aeries® Student Information System database which you are attempting to access. If successful, Aeries will grant you access to data stored securely within the Aeries® Student Information for that local education agency.

Data Displayed to You

Aeries does not own any of the student data or district-created data displayed. The data within the apps are property of and under the control of the local educational agency under which it is maintained and accessed from. The maintenance, use, retention, disposal, and disclosure of any information within the Aeries® Student Information System are controlled solely by the local educational agency which license the system. Aeries maintains solely read-only access to data and therefore cannot modify or delete any information the Aeries® Student Information System maintained by the local education agency.

Your Responsibility

By gaining access to the data provided to you within this app, including sensitive personally-identifiable student information, you are expected to have the rights granted to and expectations that go with a legitimate authority designated by the local education agency that granted you access. You are bound by the requirements expected of you by the local education agency.

With nearly 30 years of history and longevity providing service to educators in California, the Aeries products stand up with incredible functionality to handle the robust requirements of state reporting.  Eagle Software provides our clients with an easy to use interface that is feature rich for Administrators, Teachers, Students, and Parents. As the educational needs in California progress, so does the Aeries Product Line.