Summer 2018 Will Bring Big Changes to the Aeries Client
May 02, 2018

Times are changing and over the last few years, the focus of all major development for Aeries has been on the Aeries Web Environment. As a result, the Aeries Client […]

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Summer 2018 Will Bring Big Changes to the Aeries Client

Times are changing and over the last few years, the focus of all major development for Aeries has been on the Aeries Web Environment. As a result, the Aeries Client has only received minor adjustments and compatibility changes. In some cases, changes to Aeries Web have resulted in areas of the Aeries Client being disabled. Last Summer it was Supplemental Attendance. This Summer, there will be much, much more…

The following forms, reports, and functions in the Aeries Client are scheduled to become read-only or completely disabled by August 1, 2018 due to planned or already existing changes made to Aeries Web that are incompatible with the Aeries Client:

Student Demographics

Due to recently passed CA law (SB-179), schools must begin to support the new "Nonbinary Gender". Adjustments are being made to Aeries to support this new Gender Code that will not be made to the Aeries Client. Additionally, a new field, STU.GN, will be used instead of the older STU.SX field. Because both fields will need to match to maintain backwards compatibility, making the STU table in the Aeries Client Read-Only will be necessary. This includes editing, adding, and transferring students.


New guidance from the CDE requires that a new feature be added to Aeries Attendance Accounting to allow for individual student absences to be flagged as counting for ADA. This is to support Saturday School makeup days as well as monitoring chronic absenteeism and truancy. New fields will be added to the ATT table and new logic will be added to ADA calculation reports. As a result, almost all attendance reports in the Aeries Client will be disabled or removed (including ADA calculation and auditing reports) and editing attendance-related information will be disabled (ATT, Attendance Notes, Attendance History, etc). It may also be necessary to prevent even the viewing of student attendance starting with the 18-19 school year.

Secondary Grade Reporting

GRD in the Aeries Client already lacks support for the new Composite Course feature of Aeries. Although running reports will still be allowed, editing of GRD will be disabled.

Elementary Grade Reporting

SBG in the Aeries Client already lacks many new features only available in Aeries Web. Not all areas of SBG will be disabled, but most areas that have an equivalent in Aeries Web will be disabled.


Both editing and printing Transcripts will be disabled. New fields have been added to HIS that are not supported in the Aeries Client and new logging and change management features are planned that are not compatible with the Aeries Client. Likewise, new transcript printing features are being worked on that the client version will not support.

Graduation Requirements and UC/CSU Eligibility

A new algorithm for calculating the Graduation Status of a student was added to Aeries Web during the 2016-2017 school year. This new method is far superior in optimizing student credit and is not available in the Aeries Client. Also, the UC & CSU Eligibility Calculations are being adjusted to include better calculations. The forms and reports displaying this information in the Client will be disabled.

School Options, Calendar, Courses, Master Schedule, Teachers and Staff

Many new fields and options have been added to these areas in Aeries Web but will not be added to the Aeries Client. These forms will remain in the system, but will be read-only.

Student Classes

Last Summer, the Classes page in Aeries Web was redesigned to greatly improve the speed and efficiency in scheduling new students and adjusting the schedules of existing students. This summer, a wonderful new feature is planned to allow the scheduling of future changes to a student's class schedule. Additionally, due to changes to scheduling to support gender balancing of nonbinary gender students, changing student class schedules will be disabled in the Aeries Client.

Scheduling and Course Requests

The need for gender balancing of nonbinary gender students requires extensive changes to the scheduler and to the scheduling tables in Aeries. These changes will only be made in Aeries Web. Scheduling will become almost completely read-only or disabled with only a few features left to add new course requests to students.

Assertive Discipline, Discipline, Interventions, Contacts, Programs, and Course Attendance

In the Aeries Client, these forms all lack new fields and features available in Aeries Web. To maintain data integrity, these forms will all become read-only in the Aeries Client.

Academic Plan

The Academic Plan has been greatly enhanced in Aeries Web. The Aeries Client does not have the new features and will need to be completely removed.

Golden State Seal Merit Diploma, State Seal of Biliteracy, and CALPADS Extracts

These major features will either not be available or will only be able to be run against prior year database. The business logic behind these programs has been changed and those changes will not be supported in the Aeries Client.


Although Query itself will not be removed from the Aeries Client, saving and using saved queries will no longer be available due to compatibility issues and planned enhancements to Aeries Web Query.

Although we feel this is a relatively comprehensive list, new features and enhancements are being added to Aeries all the time. Some of those feature enhancements will result in areas of the Aeries Client being disabled. This could even occur mid-year. It is recommended that starting with the 2018-2019 school year, the Aeries Client only be used for functionality not found in Aeries Web. The primary system being used by Aeries Districts should be Aeries Web, NOT Aeries Client. The Aeries Client is NOT going away and there are still many valuable features available in the Aeries Client that are still available to schools, but the point has been reached where the need to advance the feature set of Aeries outweighs the need to maintain backwards compatibility with the Aeries Client.

We would happy to assist any customer with a transition to Aeries Web. Training resources are available, along with extensive documentation. Please contact or visit for more information.

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