NextGen Feature Focus: Institutions, Translations, Custom Fields
Jun 17, 2022

Aeries NextGen is fully based on the needs of our users. The goal in transitioning to the next generation of Aeries is not to take any beloved features away, but […]

The Aeries Team

NextGen Feature Focus: Institutions, Translations, Custom Fields

Aeries NextGen is fully based on the needs of our users. The goal in transitioning to the next generation of Aeries is not to take any beloved features away, but rather to build on and enhance them.

This means we need to meet ALL users where they are and grow with them, without leaving anyone behind in the process. Because employees throughout all Aeries departments have real school district experience, we can genuinely empathize with our users and have a sense of connection. This is truly a work of heart.

Here are three features we are excited to share with you: Institutions, Translation Management, and Custom Fields.


Bye-bye CHI. In NextGen, the Course History Institutions Table and the College Table will be combined into one table called Institutions. The Institutions table holds public, private, and post-secondary institutions across the U.S. that can be accessed in the Aeries system. The user will be able to manage institutions, whether it’s adding a record, updating an existing record, or inactivating a record. No data will be lost in this enhancement. As a bonus, you can still manually enter information!

When using the Institution Lookup, the user will have the ability to access API connections with the state and federal agencies. The Institutions table will be capable of remembering searches, adding selected records from the data source, and updating an existing record. This feature gets even better by enabling the user to find and manage potential record duplicates. We know when it comes to the duplication of records, double IS trouble! The user will be able to trigger a process to find potential duplicates as well as be warned if there are any duplicates when adding a record.

Translation Management

The Translation Management table will allow system-wide translations to be edited at a more central level.

Aeries student information will continue to be presented to parents in their desired language. As communities grow and change, there is an increased need for language support. For example, the office staff at your school or district may need a way to produce documents in multiple languages for users. To do this accurately, they also need a way to effectively manage the entering and correcting of translations in the Aeries system. See the example below of what the Translation Management table could look like.

Custom Fields

The Custom Fields feature will replace the current User Fields. Custom Fields in NextGen will allow districts to add custom fields to ANY area of Aeries! This includes the Data Entry Forms entity as well. Custom Fields can be a variety of Data Types and Lengths, including Calculated fields based on a subquery. When a Custom Field is created, the field can be placed anywhere on the page. Data Validations can also be added to make a field Required, specify Minimum/Maximum values or specify values based on other fields. Administrators will be able to create Custom Fields by visiting any page and using the ‘Add a Custom Field’ option.

Key Differences between Aeries and Aeries NextGen:

AeriesAeries NextGen
User Fields are provided on 25 formsCustom Fields can be added to any form
User Fields data type and length are predefinedCustom Fields can be almost any data type or length
User Fields can be requiredCustom Fields can be required, and data validation can be added

We are continuing to develop new enhancements and features by gathering everyday pain points and enjoyments from user experiences. We are excited to formulate something incredible for this next generation of Aeries. Be sure to stay updated of all our developments through Aeries Events and our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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