NextGen Feature Focus: Courses, Contacts, Siblings, Logging
May 20, 2022

“School’s out for the summer!” Well, not quite, but to help with your excitement about another educational year wrapping up, we want to share some Product Features we have been […]

The Aeries Team

NextGen Feature Focus: Courses, Contacts, Siblings, Logging

“School’s out for the summer!” Well, not quite, but to help with your excitement about another educational year wrapping up, we want to share some Product Features we have been working on here at Aeries. As we transition to the next generation of Aeries, or “NextGen” as we like to call it, we want our users to journey with us. We will be sharing transparent information along the way. These NextGen tools and enhancements will help bring community success to your students and school! So, before the last school bell rings for this semester, let’s take a look at four NextGen Product Features: Courses, Contacts, Siblings, and Logging.

Courses: Course management is vital for district success. In NextGen, at the district level, you will be able to manage all information related to Courses in one area. Some future features to highlight are Enhanced Search using the Aeries Data Table, larger course IDs (10-15 characters), more flexibility and ease in categorizing and grouping courses, use of Annual Course Catalogs to control course access by school, and better filtering between options when dealing with State Reporting fields.

Contacts: NextGen will provide districts with a Contacts Management model that allows greater flexibility to adapt to the modern family. The new model will grant more granular control of the relationship between a Contact and a specific Student; allowing for a single Contact to have different relationships to Students. We also want to make communication easier for Districts by allowing them to customize the order of the Contacts on the page and by allowing Contacts to designate how they want to be contacted. Providing a quick and easy way to send messages according to the Contact’s preference will be an absolute delight!

Siblings: Family IS key, but in regard to student information a Family Key will no longer be assigned in NextGen. Aeries will be taking a Household/Family approach! ​As families may grow and change, the Household approach in NextGen will allow the flexibility to grow with them. With the addition of tracking non-school-aged household members, the Household approach, along with our Notification Group feature, will not only encourage all parent involvement at a personal level but will allow the User an at-a-glance view of all members within the Households.

Logging: The new logging feature in NextGen will be more robust. It will not allow bypassing of business logic or circumventing in any way, because using the API will be the only way to make changes. NextGen Logging will incorporate the following enhancements:

·         After every data change, users will have the option to enter a comment describing the reason for their change

·         There will not be a separate log for API requests since everything will be API driven

·         LOG changes can be made available to end-users, not restricted to just admins

·         There will be no way to bypass logging and cause a data change to not be logged

·         Viewing of data will be logged

In the future, when someone makes a change in Aeries it will be faster and easier than ever before to identify who made that change, what was changed, and when.

We are so excited for what the future of Aeries holds, and are eager to continue sharing these new enhancements! If you would like to learn more about the Features discussed in this Feature Focus, we invite you to join us for our Feature Exploration Webinar on June 9th. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from our Subject Matter Experts and learn more about new developments. We hope to see you there, but if you’re not able to make it, don’t worry: a recording of the session will be available to watch at a later date.

To stay connected with NextGen updates, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on our Aeries Events page and our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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