Let’s Talk New Year Rollover Preparation, Planning, and Practice
May 04, 2022

The end of the school year can bring a long list of “to-do” items. Just when you’re ready to wrap up for the year, you remember it’s time to start […]

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Let’s Talk New Year Rollover Preparation, Planning, and Practice

The end of the school year can bring a long list of “to-do” items. Just when you’re ready to wrap up for the year, you remember it’s time to start planning for the new year! But rest assured, Aeries is here to help keep you on track. Let’s talk about ways to prepare, plan, and practice tasks in anticipation for the New Year Rollover.

What are the best practices for tagging pre-enrolled students?
Pre-enrolled students should be added to the school they will attend in the next school year, marked with the pre-enrolled status tag “*” and have their next school and next grade be the correct values for what they will be next year.

When should I use “Next” fields, but most importantly…when should I not?
Next School (STU.NS) and Next Grade (STU.NG) should always be populated for all students. All other “next” fields are dependent on the district’s feature usage.

For example, if your district does not maintain the grid code field, don’t use the “next grid code” rollover option. Remember, these fields are an “all or nothing” option and will replace the current field for every student at a given school site with the value that is in the corresponding “next” field.

Current Year
Next year

Example: If you use the “next inter-district” option in the new year rollover for a school, ALL values in Next IntDist and Next ResDist will replace IntDist and ResDist. Note that this process does NOT limit to only the records where Next IntDist and Next ResDist are populated.

What’s the best time to rollover?
Scheduling is dependent on many factors at your school district, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Rollovers should be done after CALPADS reporting to prevent double entry for both data corrections and additions.

If possible, rollover should be done after summer school. Since summer school should be a part of the current year database, summer sessions may carry forward all the way into August. If rollover needs to occur during a summer school session, make sure that the current year database is added into AeriesNextConnections.config as a “Summer” database group. To learn more, visit Aeries Support .

What about Third Party Integrations?
You will want to coordinate with your third party vendors to ensure that data continues to sync properly. Some vendors have their own summer rollover process, so please be sure to reach out to them to learn how they handle their summer/new year process.

Keep in mind that certain integrations, like Google, can only be configured to point to one school year at a time. Be sure to contact your vendors to coordinate a time to switch over from one year to the next.

When should I copy grade history and transcripts?
Grade history and transcripts should be copied over prior to the rollover. This applies to all secondary schools that do traditional grading. If your school is doing standards based grades, be sure to roll SBG to SBH. Before closing out the school year, ensure that these steps have been completed.

Don’t forget: creating report card history prior to the rollover is a two-step process!
All schools that send home report cards should remember to follow through with both steps of the process.

First, go to the Grade Report Cards Report in the Grade Reporting Process Dashboard.

Then, confirm your report options and select the “Generate Report Card History” button at the bottom of the page.

When should I start Parent Data Confirmation?
Parent Data Confirmation can be started both before and after the rollover. It is recommended to open this process after the rollover has been completed. The income survey has the option to enable “Use eligibility guidelines for next year instead of this year” in the current year. This option will need to be disabled once the rollover has been completed.

If Parent Data Confirmation is enabled before rollover, pay close attention to the “Close Authorization” option in the rollover to ensure that authorization records are accurately maintained.

We’re almost there! Now it’s time to talk about important post-rollover tasks.

When should SQL Maintenance Plans be Updated?
Once you have completed the rollover process and have checked your data, it’s time to update your SQL Maintenance Plans. Your current database should be backed up immediately and included in your maintenance for both Full and Transaction backups. Older databases can be moved to less frequent storage plans.

What about New Year Portal Configuration?
All Aeries portals will need to be updated to the current year to ensure that any changes made in those portals are reflected in the appropriate database.

How do I update the Aeries Online Enrollment Configuration File?
Make sure that AIRConnections.config is updated to point to the new year database. This will ensure that Online Enrollment will use any new codes or translations defined in the new year database.

Once this configuration is complete, your Online Enrollment Admin should log into the OE admin page and confirm all settings are appropriate for the new year.

Following the above steps will ensure that you have a smooth and successful rollover as you begin to prepare for the next year. In fact, we’ve created checklists for both our Hosted and Non-Hosted Districts to help you along the way. To learn more about New Year Rollover, check out our Aeries Support page. While the end of the new year may get hectic, remember, we are here to help.

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