Let’s Talk Flex Scheduling
Jan 06, 2022

It’s time to start thinking about planning for 2022-23 master schedules; the process is just around the corner! Building a master schedule can be complicated. Many elements must be factored […]

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Let’s Talk Flex Scheduling

It’s time to start thinking about planning for 2022-23 master schedules; the process is just around the corner! Building a master schedule can be complicated. Many elements must be factored in: what staffing does a school have for next year; which classes do students need to take; which classes do students want to take; how often will classes meet. And, of course, arranging everything to ensure that students’ needs intersect with staff needs. And we can’t forget – it all needs to work correctly to meet state reporting requirements while smoothly integrating with the additional products schools use to pull in rostered student data. There are a lot of layers, and a lot of complexity!

Aeries is here to help. Between the creation and maintenance of robust scheduling features, and our Subject Matter Experts who provide year-round master schedule training and support , we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken it a step further with the release of an enhanced scheduling experience: Flex Scheduling. As you begin to plan for the 2022-23 master schedule process, we encourage all districts to examine the benefits of Flex Schedule and consider making the move to this more efficient, robust scheduling tool.

So let’s talk about Flex Scheduling…

Schools will no longer be constrained by legacy product programming restrictions that previously limited master schedules to ten periods across an entire school (periods 0-9).  

Now, no one wants to manage too many periods in a master schedule, but a lot of scenarios across school types do dictate more than 10 periods!  

Does your middle school have different bell schedules for grades 5-6 and 7-8? No problem – Flex can do that!  

Do you host an early college program with students participating in a different schedule of days or times? Flex is here to help!

Do your school periods rotate across days, and want to name them something custom like “Blue Days” or “Gold Days”? Flex has your back!

Do you have multiple intervention programs that overlap the standard daily schedule, but you want to reflect in the master schedule, so you always know where each student is scheduled to be? You guessed it…Flex can do that!

Class Calendars are also integral to the Flex Scheduling process. They can be set up to account for what days each class section meets and when it displays for teachers to take attendance. If something changes at the last minute regarding which classes meet what days, Class Calendars can easily be changed to account for that unexpected assembly, late start, or early release day.  

Are you ready to learn even more about the specifics of Flex? Check out our  a FAQ page that answers the most common questions about the transition to Flex.  

We are here to support your transition to Flex 

We believe so strongly in the benefits of Flex, that we are going all in to help you make the transition! Flex doesn’t have to be more complicated, and you’ll have lots of support with all new training workshops, webinars, and resources:  

·       Webinar Wednesday – Aeries’ own scheduling guru Sam Defeo is hosting free webinars outlining the benefits of switching to Flex. Watch a recorded version of the webinar here, or sign-up to attend our next live session here.   

·       Visit our support documentation and FAQs on Flex here.  

·       New Videos! We have just recorded a video series that outline the steps of building a Master Schedule using Flex.  

·       Workshops & Training – We know everyone has different timelines, budgets, and availability for attending training. So, we are offering an abundance of training options for secondary and elementary schools. To review or sign up for a workshop or webinar, visit www.aeries.con/events. To schedule a dedicated training for your team with an expert Aeries trainer, email us at training@aeries.com.  

·       Try it in a Sandbox – We are providing all Hosted districts with an additional sandbox that can be used for district and site staff to try Flex Scheduling before enabling it in the live Aeries database. This article highlights ways to turn on Flex and convert the scheduling master schedule to using Flex in your sandbox or in your live database. 

·       Coming Soon – an all-new Scheduling Resource Center with new articles, testimonials and updated Aeries Academy content all geared toward helping you build successful 2022-23 master schedules. Watch for our official announcement of this new page at Aeries Student Information System – Aeries Software in mid-January!   

·       And of course, AeriesCon Spring 2022 – visit us at our fully virtual event March 7-10, 2022, where we will offer a variety of sessions focused on Flex Scheduling for Elementary and Secondary schools, plus you will have access to four-days of Open Forum where you can have a 1:1 conversation with an Aeries expert about Flex. For all the details, or to register, visit AeriesCon – Aeries Software .  

As Aeries transitions towards making Flex Scheduling the standard of scheduling in upcoming years, now is a great time to jump in and learn more about its benefits! We get it: changing can be hard, but we’re here to help. 

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