An Aeries NextGen Update
Aug 04, 2022

Dear Aeries users, Around this time last year, the Aeries Software team concluded its months-long evaluation of the state of its product and services in the interest of driving forward […]

The Aeries Team

An Aeries NextGen Update

Dear Aeries users,

Around this time last year, the Aeries Software team concluded its months-long evaluation of the state of its product and services in the interest of driving forward a new product roadmap aligned the needs of its customers in promoting student success. Through many external discussions with key stakeholders and experts, as well as numerous additional internal conversations, it was decided that Aeries Student Information System would be re-written from the ground-up using modern technologies capitalizing on a cloud-native environment.

During the Fall 2021 AeriesCon opening keynote, we made this announcement externally to our customer base, expressing the many benefits possible within the next generation of Aeries SIS. Early project names such as Aeries+ or Aeries Cloud gave way to the name we have largely settled on now for this year-long initiative – Aeries NextGen. Our partnership with the provider in cloud hosting technology, Amazon Web Services (AWS), allows us to continue our commitment to the best security, performance, and stability possible. We are excited to be building a modern student data management system that is fully extensible and customizable. This ultimately offers an intuitive user experience that prioritizes ease-of-access to data and data insights for end-users’ hands, without the need for advanced skills or knowledge.

Aside from those core commitments, we also pledged to be customer-driven each step of the way. Both internally and externally, we were met with much excitement and many great ideas on what to rethink and improve with this opportunity presented. Our newly-formed advisory committees have become key incubators of great ideas and dialogues leading to well-crafted product feature plans, battle-tested through different lines of thought and healthy debate. We continue to welcome new members to our advisory committees to further diversify thoughts and discussion; visit if you are interested in joining one or more of these committees.

Through all of this, a common sentiment arose across many of our customers – that despite optimism about what the next generation of Aeries SIS will bring to schools, the aggressiveness of the timeline left many feeling squeezed compared to other important improvement initiatives going on.

With that, we want you to know that we have listened and we are shifting the entirety of our Aeries NextGen timeline by one year. This will not only allow more time to learn how fundamental elements of Aeries will be enhanced, but also more time to plan and prepare for the change. Any large undertaking like this takes constant planning, adapting, and delivery to be successful. This extra lead time will also allow us to bring forward a more complete, functional product directly to schools from day one. Below, you can see how the timeline shift affects the entirety of the project within the three phases of customers beginning implementation and going live. Expect to hear more from our team at the appropriate times listed to confirm which group fits your school or district best.

Aeries NextGen Implementation Timeline

One interrelated effort is our commitment to providing greater communication and access to key information to our customer base. To support that, we are launching our Aeries NextGen landing page within our website to give you a central place to view and share with the high-level benefits promised and frequently asked questions, as well as quick access to updated resources as they are released, including blogs and past or upcoming events.

The success of Aeries over the years has been driven by your frequent involvement in guiding our decisions. While we are taking something that was already great and finding ways to evolve it into something even better, Aeries will always excel above the rest thanks to being built exclusively for and by educators, administrators, and students. None of this would be possible without your involvement and continued support in pursuit of our mission to deliver data-driven, intuitive, and innovative solutions that empower communities to advance student success.

Thank you for your continued partnership and advocacy of our students!

Brent Lloyd
Aeries Software

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