Adding Superpower to your Queries
May 03, 2019

Aeries SIS is full of powerful features. As our users go through their days dealing with all kinds of student data scenarios, create a variety of reports, and record all […]

The Aeries Team

Adding Superpower to your Queries

Aeries SIS is full of powerful features. As our users go through their days dealing with all kinds of student data scenarios, create a variety of reports, and record all kinds of data, those features come in handy and often may save the day. If we call those features special powers for saving the day, maybe some other features can be called superpowers for their extraordinary utility and value. 

Aeries Analytics and Query are two Aeries superpower features. Query allows the ability to LIST all records you need from any Aeries tables. When you use Query, you have the awesome power to mass CHANGE records, quickly get total counts of student data points, KEEP sets of students for other actions and more. 

On the other hand, Analytics has the power to help you see through student-related information, categorize the data and find answers to your complex questions. By using Aeries Analytics, you have a tremendous capacity to analyze, classify and understand your data to see the big picture and more. 

What if we were to combine the powers of these super powerful features? What if you could get what Aeries Analytics provides through Aeries Query? As an example, what if you could list the attendance percentages of your students that are currently in a 504 Program, or run a KEEP on your students in foster and whose science subject area grades are F? Wouldn’t you call this a superpower? 

This superpower is exactly what our newest feature, Extended Query Fields, offers. This tool is an integration between Aeries Analytics and Aeries Query which allows you to build straight-forward queries that will list values derived from any Aeries Analytics Item Definitions. 

Consider the Special Education Teacher who is vigilant about the success of the Special Ed students in her school. The end of the first reporting period is a good time to see how they are all doing in their Math and English classes. In addition, she wants to view attendance because we all know if attendance goes down everything else follows. Using the newly acquired superpowers, the following query will answer her questions:


At this point more conditions can be added to the query, a KEEP query can be used to view student related pages for this group of students, or labels can even be generated for a letter to be sent home.

To help you make the most of this superpower right away, we have built in some quick-start tools. Our Aeries Analytics Item Definitions have been pre-set for all districts updated to the April 19, 2019 Aeries version, including those free LCAP definitions that have been included in Aeries Analytics for free for quite some time.  To create additional Extended Query Fields for your local Aeries Analytics Item Definitions, the Extended Fields Management Page has been added to your database, allowing you to manage what other Analytic items you want to make available for Extended Query Field access (only users that have security access to Student Indicators will have access to use Extended Query Fields).  We hope that with this new superpower you will have all the strength accomplish more in less time. 

For more information and sample queries go check out the documentation on Extended Query Fields at:

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