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  • 08/13/2020

    Back to School - A message from Aeries President Brent Lloyd

    A few words from Brent Lloyd, Aeries President

    We went into 2020 looking forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary, as well as taking a few moments to reflect on what got us here. First and …

  • 09/03/2019

    Presidential Address - Brent Lloyd

    Barry Lloyd:

    I'm proud to say that it's our 24th year providing schools and families the Aeries Student Information System. My father, Jerry D. Lloyd started working in education in the late '60s in …

  • 08/27/2019

    Customer Support Status Update

    On behalf of the Aeries Support Department, we thank you for being our customer and welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year! We hope you had a wonderful summer, relaxed, recharged and ready for a …

  • 08/23/2019

    "Spell Your Name Again?" - Fuzzy Search To The Rescue

    Names can have some creative spellings nowadays. You'll run into John, Jon, and Jhon, as well as Sarah, Sara, and Serra. So however a student spells their name it's important for educators and …

  • 08/20/2019

    Using Aeries to Mass Assign Family Keys

    Does your Siblings page look more like a full class roster, rather than a true reflection of students who are related to one another? Aeries offers a "Mass Assign Family Key" process that can be run …

  • 08/16/2019

    Bye Bye, Bad Data!

    Ensuring data quality throughout your system shouldn’t be a daunting task for any Aeries administrator. With so many requirements for state and federal reporting, not to mention local …

  • 08/12/2019

    AeriesCon Fall 2019 Welcome Address Speaker

    Aeries Software is pleased to announce Andrea Bennett as the inaugural keynote speaker for the 2019 Annual Fall AeriesCon, September 23, 2019.

    Andrea has a total of 30 years’ experience, …

  • 05/03/2019

    Adding Superpower to your Queries

    Aeries SIS is full of powerful features. As our users go through their days dealing with all kinds of student data scenarios, create a variety of reports, and record all kinds of data, those …

  • 03/11/2019

    G Suite + Aeries = Happy Teacher

    Tags: G Suite, Google, Teacher, Classroom

    Guest post by Lisa Ceja @LisaGCeja

    This year marks my 25th year as a classroom teacher.  I recall my first years requiring me to take attendance on a piece of paper and then put it on a clip …

  • 03/08/2019

    Nonbinary Gender Support in Aeries

    Tags: Gender, Preference, Legal

    Aeries Software continues to lead the industry in providing advanced data solutions that help schools provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for students.  The 1/30/2019 version of …

  • 12/17/2018

    Attendance Management

    Tags: Attendance, Management

    The Attendance Management page was recently added to Aeries Web Version. With it, a quicker, easier, and more intuitive process for managing attendance has arrived to support attendance clerks in …

  • 11/09/2018

    Aeries Mobile Portal App for Parents and Students

    Modern day parents, guardians, and students rely on up-to-date student data to stay engaged with classroom activities. For many years, Aeries has offered the Parent and Student Portal providing …

  • 06/15/2018

    New Year Rollover and New Enhancements!

    We've made a lot of cool changes to the New Year Rollover process this year! In fact, it's hard to list them all! You can read all about it in our documentation linked at the bottom of the article, …

  • 06/08/2018

    An announcement regarding Mark Bergstrasser

    It is with heavy hearts that Aeries Software announces the passing of a valued long-time member of the Aeries family: Mark Bergstrasser. Mark had been with Aeries for over 14 years as a member of …

  • 05/30/2018

    CAASPP Electronic Student Score Reports Pilot

    CDE has released a letter to the county and district Superintendents and Charter School Administrators outlining the transition to electronic student score reports (SSRs) for the CAASPP tests. For …

  • 05/10/2018

    Make Aeries Your Own! Custom Tables and Navigation

    Have you ever wanted to track some custom data in Aeries that doesn’t seem to fit into any of our built-in pages? Are user codes or supplemental fields not enough? Do you want more restricted …