Golden Tradition Awards

Know someone deserving of some extra recognition? Nominate them!

As we celebrate our Golden Tradition at our 50th AeriesCon event, we are honoring Aeries customers and staff that have made a positive impact on the Aeries community. Nominations will be accepted until midnight PST on Monday, January 29, 2024 in four categories:

Jerry Lloyd Golden Legacy Award
Celebrating individuals who design, implement, and support innovative uses of Aeries SIS. These individuals set new standards for the ways in which Aeries products contribute to supporting student success.
Golden Service Award
Honoring people who consistently demonstrate the highest standard of customer-centricity in supporting the use of Aeries.
Golden Community Award
Recognizing individuals who consistently model and advocate for the values of collaboration, respect, and mutual support.
Golden Mentor Award
Acknowledging leaders who go above and beyond in guiding, supporting, and mentoring their colleagues.

Nomination & Award Guidelines:

At least one customer and one staff winner will be selected in each category.

You may nominate up to 1 Aeries staff member and 1 customer in each category.

Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed by the awards committee.

Nominations may be submitted by any employee of a district, LEA, or organization that is a current Aeries customer, as well as any Aeries staff member. You do not need to register for AeriesCon to submit nominations.

Winners will be notified in advance and will receive a complimentary registration to AeriesCon. Winners are not required to attend AeriesCon.

Nominations must include the name and contact information for the nominee, as well as a detailed explanation of why the nominee deserves the award and exhibits the qualities identified by the award category.

Members of the Aeries Executive and Leadership teams are not eligible to receive the awards.

Awards will be announced during the Presidential keynote at Spring 2024 AeriesCon in Sacramento, CA on Friday, March 8, 2024.

By submitting a nomination, you give permission for your nomination to be attributed to you by name, and for your name to be shared by Aeries online, in the AeriesCon conference platform, and in other marketing materials.