Aeries Academy

Self-paced online learning and certification courses to prepare for job roles that use Aeries SIS.


Aeries Academy courses are now free, forever

We’re excited to announce that all courses are now being made free forever! Our goal is to help even more educators and administrators gain the skills they need to learn how use Aeries to its full potential.

Spotlight: District Coordinator certification

Want to enroll in every Academy course in one go? Start your journey to full District Coordinator certification with this all-in-one course designed to provide the knowledge needed for coordinators to manage and support their district using Aeries.

SEE COURSE DETAILS - District Coordinator

“Aeries Academy is my best resource for showing that I’m staying current with what I need to know about in Aeries SIS."

Enrollees can keep skills sharp and earn mastery certificates to show schools they’re ready to use Aeries to its full potential in a new job role, all at no cost.

Training for everyone

No experience necessary to get started. From fundamental concepts to full certification and mastery, Aeries Academy is packed with useful up-to-date guidance on using Aeries SIS.

Self-paced certifications

Become the go-to Aeries expert. Aeries Academy offers role-based certification courses with a digital certificate displaying your proficiency in the course.

NEW: Scheduling updated for Flex

We're happy to report that all courses that include content on Scheduling have been updated to Flex Scheduling content!

Aeries Academy: a resource for growth

With new challenges to face every day, educators and administrators are already short on valuable time. Online courses allow self-paced learning, so Aeries users can build proficiency on their own timeframe.

That's why we offer all Aeries Academy courses for free. We hope that this resource will help Aeries users to build the mastery they need to achieve excellence in their role.

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