• Full data hosting and management
  • Hourly automated data back-up
  • Easy restores for errant data correction
  • Fast support
  • Best-in-class customer service
  • Advanced security encryption
  • Cloud-based

While schools are able to host their own data if they choose, they may also consider Aeries Hosting as a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Aeries Hosting (formerly known as Aeries ASP) is our cloud-based data hosting and back-up solution. It's a powerful, yet cost-effective web-based SIS add-on service that's packed with premium features for your cloud-soaring experience.

With Aeries hosted services, Aeries Software provides the SQL server(s) and hosts the District Aeries database in a secure off-site data center. Aeries Software also provides the database administration services, including backups, updates, and more for an annual hosting fee. The District administrative users access the data via a web browser using Aeries web version in most situations and Aeries client version for certain specialized functions. Teachers, parents, and students access student data via a web browser using the Aeries Portals.

Aeries Software provides all the required hardware, software, and configuration services needed to procure, setup, secure, and manage the components necessary to house and maintain your Aeries data and make it readily available to all stakeholders.

Hardware & Systems Components, including security:

  • Microsoft SQL Server hardware and software management
  • Licensing (operating systems, database, certificates, etc.)
  • Upgrades/patches – managed by our technical staff at our secure data center, with co-location of your data
  • Hardware upgrades/maintenance. The hardware is maintained at the highest industry standards. Our technical staff is able to respond immediately to any disruption of services, and fail-over redundancy is standard. Maintenance is scheduled to have the least possible impact on the District.
  • Disaster Recovery – in the event of a natural or other type of disaster, your Aeries database can be recovered from offsite backups
  • Advanced security encryption 

Aeries SQL Database Management

  • Aeries Updates (as applies) – regular updates for all Aeries software
  • Backups – full backup nightly, hourly automated back-ups
  • Data & Disaster Recovery
  • Database cleanup
  • Fix records if required
  • Initial configuration support services for Aeries.net and Parent Account Management System (PAMS)
  • Create SQL/database logins for access to ASP
  • Create new database roles; modify and update roles as needed or required
  • Aeries Security management (user accounts/roles/permissions/etc.)
  • System Security Consulting
  • Manage school-based code consistency
  • Define table relationships
  • Setup unique SQL accounts, maintain READ ONLY security permissions, and setup/modify existing SQL server jobs/extracts to upload to a 3rd party vendor
  • Setup and refresh sandbox copies of databases
  • Audit security log files upon request
  • Generate SQL Query Analyzer statements
  • New Year Rollover – Aeries performs the physical rollover for all ASP customers