Level of Service

Simply put… our Technical Specialists are unmatched and provide superior support for your SIS Solution

Our Technical Specialists have not only worked in schools, but undergo regular training to stay well-informed of the needs of our users. They are equipped to answer all of your questions, from the simplest to the most complex. Aeries Software’s Technical Support Team simply can’t be matched. We pride ourselves with the fact that our customer’s calls are answered by a live person during our regular business hours. We also offer online support via email to support@aeries.com, if you prefer. 

Additionally, our comprehensive selection of documentation and online video offerings provide our users with the tools they need to use our products! Our bi-annual user conferences, as well as our timely, subject sensitive regional training workshops are available to all of our users. We truly are your perfect solution to meeting your students, parents and teacher’s needs! 

Our relationship with you is everything to us

We consider our relationship with our clients to be a partnership. Together we work to define the goals of the initial project, create a strategic plan for implementation, and establish communication and support for ongoing success. 

Are you satisfied with your current SIS provider's level of service?

If you are questioning whether you are getting the level of service you deserve from your current SIS provider, give us a call and experience our Aeries level of service. We know you'll be pleased.