Using Aeries to Mass Assign Family Keys

Does your Siblings page look more like a full class roster, rather than a true reflection of students who are related to one another? Aeries offers a "Mass Assign Family Key" process that can be run to update any students who have not already been assigned to families.

Aeries links multiple students together by a numeric field called Family Key; students with the same Family Key will be displayed together on the Siblings form, as well as linked in various reports such as Avery 5160 Labels (with the 1 Per Family option) and the Students with Siblings report. So there are some key benefits to having an accurate Family Key assigned to each student. 

Since we posted our original blog article on this topic back in 2018, we've made several enhancements to the Mass Assign Family Keys processes. This includes additional contact matching options and a better matching algorithm. This page allows you to define exactly which contact records should count as "family" during the matching process.  Options include:

  • Select the Contact Code(s) to include (CON.CD)
  • Which Relationship code(s) to include (CON.RL)
  • Want to only include the top 3 Contacts by Order (CON.OR), no problem!
  • You can now limit by Primary Contact (CON.PC)
  • Only the contacts the student Lives With (CON.LW)
  • How about Ed Rights Holder (CON.ERH)?

Please note that the better defined your Contacts data and options are, the better your Sibling Match process will work! And note that to protect the integrity of your data, this process will only assign family keys to those students who don't already have one. So if your sibling data may have become inaccurate due to improper input or perhaps data was imported into Aeries without family information, then this may be the right time to run this function and get it all sorted out! 

Accurate student data helps tell a clearer story about the students under our wings. Knowing their name, face, and family gives us further insight into how we can support their whole student health. You can do it, and we're here to help! Read more about the "Mass Assign Family Keys" process in our knowledge base.