Understanding Aeries and the CALPADS SPRG File

Tags: CALPADS, SPRG, 0070, Reconciliation

The CALPADS SPRG file is one of the most complicated files in CALPADS for Aeries to deal with.  At least it has been over the years.  But soon, Eagle Software will be changing the way that Aeries extracts the SPRG data.  In order to do this, we are creating an "SPRG Reconciliation" process that will analyze the SPRG data in CALPADS and extract a new file with all the corrections needed.

Some History:

In the beginning, CALPADS would not accept SINF records outside enrollment periods and wouldn't accept SPRG records outside SINF periods.  It is for this reason that Aeries does not always extract the actual program start and end dates that are stored in Aeries.  Instead, Aeries evaluates a student's enrollment periods and SINF effective date ranges and adjusts the SPRG dates that are extracted to match the SENR and SINF dates.  This can result in a single program record in Aeries being reported to CALPADS in multiple records with different date ranges that match up with changes in SINF data.  Even after CALPADS adjusted their system to accept SPRG data before and after an enrollment period and SINF effective date range, the logic used by Aeries could not be changed because the new logic would have conflicted with the SPRG data already in CALPADS and would have resulted in an SPRG0070 error for just about every record.  To get around this, an SPRG Reconciliation is needed when the logic is changed; but at the time, CALPADS did not provide an accurate and comprehensive SPRG extract routine so that an SPRG Reconciliation could occur.

Fast Forward To Now:

It has been the opinion of Eagle Software that SPRG0070 errors could be ignored by LEAs.  All it was expressing was that CALPADS already knew about the program that the SPRG record you were trying to submit.  So the current record indicated the student was in that program and the record you were submitting did the same thing.  The only issue was that the start date was different.  In either case, CALPADS knows about that program for that student and will count them accordingly.  But it was recently learned of a bug in CALPADS that when an SPRG error occurs, all SPRG records for that student in the file are rejected.  This is not correct according to the CALPADS specifications.  Nonetheless, it has highlighted the need to more extensively address the issue of LEAs getting SPRG0070 errors.  In our investigation we found that we had been inconsistently extracting programs for students who were RFEP-ed in a prior year.  Students RFEP-ed in the current year extracting according to our standard practice, but when the date was in a prior year, the program start date in Aeries was being used (or the enrollment start date, whichever was later, was being used).  This caused SPRG0070 errors for LEAs so on December 4th, we released an update to resolve this issue and make the SPRG extract consistent no matter what the circumstance.

What is currently VERY important for districts to evaluate is if any of the SPRG0070 errors are preventing a student from being accurately reported in any of their programs on information day and in the CALPADS reports.  If not, just ignore the errors and keep moving with certification.

Moving Forward:

After the Fall Submission time period, we will be changing our extract routine for SPRG to use actual start and end dates and not to virtualize them.  This will require an "SPRG Reconciliation" process be undertaken by every district to align the Aeries records with CALPADS.  This process will resolve all known SPRG issues LEAs may have been experiencing.  With our extracts adjusted and the SPRG Reconciliation in place, SPRG0070 errors will be a thing of the past, at least as long as you don't change the program start dates in Aeries.  If that happens, another SPRG Reconciliation may be necessary for the LEA to run to clean up the issue.