(8/10/18 DEVELOPER UPDATE) Summer 2018 Will Bring More Big Changes To The Aeries Client

A letter to Aeries customers from an Aeries Senior Developer:

This is a follow-up to the blog we posted in May.

As I sit and ponder my nearly 18 years in this seat (well not this seat, but you know what I mean), I felt a tinge of sadness for days gone by.  All those long hours, coffee runs, and sleepless nights culminates to this: I am disabling features in a software that I have worked tirelessly to enhance for most of my adult life.

We have come a long way from when our Control Panel looked like this:

Today’s Client Control Panel looks a little different:

Implementing a red alert banner like this wasn't my favorite stylistic choice. Given the time I personally invested in developing this application, it felt like a not-so-fond farewell to an old friend. That said, we had agreed it was perhaps the best, most straightforward method for getting the message across in a clear and unmissable way: Aeries Web truly is the future.

With today’s update, we put to rest a few more processes in Aeries Client.  We have paid close attention to ensure we only disable items that work as well or better in the Web version!  So far this summer we have disabled the following processes:

  • - School Options, Calendar, Courses, Master Schedule, Teachers and Staff
  • - Attendance
  • - Assertive Discipline, Discipline, Victims and Witnesses
  • - Academic Plan
  • - State Seal of Biliteracy

The deprecated Aeries Client version was an important stepping stone in making Aeries SIS the powerful, comprehensive platform it is today, and I'm proud to have been an inaugural member of the team that brought it to life. I know you'll love the improvements to the speed, efficiency and user-friendliness of these processes as they are added to Aeries Web—and stay tuned for future transitions from Aeries Client, too!

 James D Kelly

Special Projects Manager /
Senior Programmer Analyst


Please refer to our previous blog (Summer 2018 Will Bring Big Changes to the Aeries Client) for information regarding additional changes coming in the near future.

We are happy to assist any customer with a transition to Aeries Web. Training resources are available, along with extensive documentation. Please contact or visit for more information.