"Spell Your Name Again?" - Fuzzy Search To The Rescue

Names can have some creative spellings nowadays. You'll run into John, Jon, and Jhon, as well as Sarah, Sara, and Serra. So however a student spells their name it's important for educators and administrators to find them as easily as possible. Recent enhancements in Aeries' Student Search capabilities include a Fuzzy Search option which provides a more liberal set of results when attempting to locate a student by name. Students with similar-sounding names, such as Sean and Shawn, can sometimes be difficult to find; the Fuzzy Search option gives you the ability to expand your search by including these homonyms. It also performs a few other useful functions:

  • Partial Name Matches - searching for "Nat" additionally returns "Abernathy" and "Sinatra". Results allow the search criteria to be located in the middle of the name. 
  • Reverse Names - searching for "Frank, John" also returns "John, Frank". Results allow search criteria to be reversed,

To help put it all into context here's an example we've cooked up.

Student Allan Abbott has been called to the office and the principal wants to look them up in Aeries before they arrive. Without Fuzzy Search enabled, only 1 result is returned.

With Fuzzy Search enabled, many additional results are returned with similar sounding names. (Please note that all Fuzzy Search results will display below exact matches.) 

"Fuzzy Search" was recently released in the Aeries platform and we're excited for all our users to take it out for a spin. So whether you're looking for Jaden, Jayden, or Jaiden we know that our new search tool will help you find the results you're really looking for,.