New California Attendance Accounting Procedures

Tags: ADA, Attendance, CALPADS, Chronic Absenteeism

Any schools who have been using Saturday School to make up days of ADA for absent students need to pay close attention.  Due to new attendance submission requirements in CALPADS, the CDE now recommends that students whose absences are changed to count for ADA by attending Saturday School need to keep the original Absence Type in place on a student's record.

To accommodate this new recommendation from the CDE, Aeries SIS has been adjusted to allow for flagging an individual student absence as "Counting for ADA."  This ensures that attendance totals for a student remain intact, while still allowing for the collection of ADA for a day made up by Saturday School attendance.  Once setup and configured, the process is relatively straightforward for an attendance clerk.  After Saturday School is completed, simply click the "Note" icon for the day of absence and choose an "ADA Code" that has been setup by an Aeries System Administrator in the COD table.  The date of the Saturday School and a comment can also be included.

Detailed Aeries Documentation:

CALPADS FAQ on Saturday School Recovery: