Customer Support Status Update

On behalf of the Aeries Support Department, we thank you for being our customer and welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year! We hope you had a wonderful summer, relaxed, recharged and ready for a productive partnership towards our one goal of student success.

As most staff, parents and administrators would expect, the first few weeks of back-to-school can be hectic. Regardless, we continue to put in effort towards a positive experience for our users. 

Ticketing System

Two years ago we started using and now 48% of requests come in via the portal.  We have maintained 95% positive feedback on customer satisfaction and are working hard towards 100%.

We treat all of our customer requests with urgency and understand that you may be experiencing some delays during our peak season.  You can also access our extensive knowledge base while our analysts work to get to your ticket:


Our department is growing! Since last school year we have added some new members to our support family.  In addition to the friendly voices you all have gotten familiar with, you may have also encountered Suzette (Kellar), Tracey (Berry), Patty (Fonseca-Muniz) and Jill (Knowles).

Each one of us are dedicated to you, our customers and we all look forward to working with you and a rewarding new school year!