Consistent CALPADS Data Submission

Tags: CALPADS, Cal-MAPP, Data Submission, CAASPP

CALPADS has reported to Eagle Software that many districts have not been submitting ongoing data to CALPADS throughout the year.  This has been an issue for them as well as with districts who receive transfer students from these districts.  We know that everyone knows the importance of submitting data to CALPADS during the Fall and EOY submission windows, but regularly reporting accurate data to CALPADS throughout the year is extremely important and will be even more important in the near future.  It is not enough to simply request new SSIDs throughout the year.  It is expected of LEAs to submit SENR, SINF, and SPRG data to CALPADS throughout the year.  Coming up later this year, CALPADS will be used as the data source for Pre-ID information on students.

The new CAASPP (formerly known as Cal-MAPP) Pre-ID process is planned to not request student demographics and program information from the LEAs directly.  Instead, they will collect just the SSID and other fields and request the rest of the data from CALPADS.  So unless you are frequently sending changes to student demographics and program placements to CALPADS, the data the state utilizes to aggregate your students will be old, limited, and incorrect.  Starting next year, this will have a significant impact on your API and AYP figures. 

After Fall 1 and Fall 2 are complete, be sure to send a full set of SENR, SINF, and SPRG files to CALPADS frequently.  Eagle Software recommends sending these files every 2 weeks, but if that can't be achieved, be sure to never go more than a month without sending files to CALPADS.

Refer to our CALPADS documentation on the website for correct data population procedures and submission information.