Below is important information regarding Aeries and CALPADS reporting.  CALPADS will be making major changes for the 2014/2015 school year.  But even with these changes, we will attempt to minimize the impact on our customers.


Eagle Software will be changing the way that Aeries extracts the SPRG data.  In order to do this, we are creating an "SPRG Reconciliation" process that will analyze the SPRG data in CALPADS and provide the submission records necessary to match CALPADS to your local data.   Districts will download an SPRG ODS file from CALPADS and import it into Aeries which will generate a new file to send to CALPADS with all the corrections needed.

Detailed documentation will be available for this process.  The SPRG Audit will be available very soon. See our other blog post for further details on understanding Aeries and the CALPADS SPRG file.


A new Exit Code of E155 (Year End Year Grade Level Exit) is being added to CALPADS that will be used at the end of this reporting year of 2014.  We will be implementing an automatic extraction of E155 for all students not flagged with some other End Of Year status in the STU.EOY field.  This will occur when extracts are performed within 30 days leading up to the end of the school year according to your calendar.  The new code of E155 will be taken care of for you as you are updating your data for EOY reporting (the E155 exit reason will not appear in the ENR table).  If you happen to input a value into STU.EOY after the E155 is sent to CALPADS, no problem, the new value will be extracted and will overlay the previously reported E155.

The implementation of E150 (mid-year enrollment update) is still being evaluated and will depend on recommendations and capabilities of the big CALPADS changes going into effect in July.  It will definitely impact the use of 440 in Aeries, but we don't know by how much.


There are significant CALPADS file formats changes for the 2014/2015 school year.  We will change our extracts AFTER the EOY submission this year.   Even with the major CALPADS changes, we will attempt to minimize the impact on the data population requirements of our customers. 

Homeless and Foster Students

Next school year will have some differences in how Homeless and Foster students are populated.  Foster student data will be matched to the State Welfare department.  You will also be able to submit Foster information via a SPRG record.  

Address History Changes and Student Data Changes

We are planning on adding new tables to Aeries to store Address History and Student Data changes.  Changes will be saved in the new tables with start and end dates.  Some of the fields that will be stored: Name, Gender, Parent Education Level and US School less than 3 years (SSD.SUS).  This will enable more accurate SINF extracts.