CAASPP Electronic Student Score Reports Pilot

CDE has released a letter to the county and district Superintendents and Charter School Administrators outlining the transition to electronic student score reports (SSRs) for the CAASPP tests. For the last several months Aeries has been working with the TOMS development team and several other SIS vendors and LEA's to create an interface between the SIS system and the TOMS site. Using this interface users (staff, teachers, parents and students) with the appropriate permission set will be able to view and download or print student score reports one student at a time.

CDE is planning a three-year transition for the electronic score report as outlined below:

- Phase 1–Pilot (2017–18) During Phase 1, LEAs and SIS vendors who volunteered to participate in the pilot will work with our testing contractor, Educational Testing Service (ETS), to test the technology solution for delivering electronic reports. All LEAs, including the LEAs participating in the pilot test, will receive paper SSRs, as usual.

- Phase 2–Initial Implementation (2018–19) During Phase 2, the California Department of Education (CDE) and ETS will work with all LEAs to implement and test the electronic reporting technology solution. When CAASPP reports are available for the 2018–19 administration, the default delivery method of the SSRs will be electronic. The CDE will offer support to select LEAs that demonstrate a clear need for continued support.

- Phase 3–Full Implementation (2019–20) During Phase 3, all LEAs will be expected to use the electronic reporting process.

We are currently in Phase 1 (Pilot). Three districts in Aeries have been approved by CDE to pilot the electronic student score reports for the 2017-18 CAASPP testing administration. Since piloting the system requires extra set up for TOMS we do not require any additional volunteers to pilot the system, but we do appreciate all of the districts willing to participate.

During Phase 2 (Initial Implementation) CDE and ETS will work with all LEA's to implement the electronic technology solution for the 2018-19 CAASPP testing administration. Sometime during the 2018-19 school year we will open up the CAASPP Paperless Scores node to all districts and work with them to set up the fields to enable the process.

For more information and screenshots of our CAASPP Paperless Scores interface please see the following article: CAASPP Paperless Reports

Want to see CAASPP Paperless in action?

Link to video demo