Bye Bye, Bad Data!

Ensuring data quality throughout your system shouldn’t be a daunting task for any Aeries administrator. With so many requirements for state and federal reporting, not to mention local business rules, how can you quickly identify and resolve problems with all of your data?

That's where Aeries' powerful new Data Validation system comes to the rescue. Validation rules can be defined — or applied right away from samples provided by Aeries — to check for anomalies in data and report those issues to the staff who can correct them. Best of all this core functionality is free and is included with the SIS; you only need to contact us to activate it!

Here are some examples of how Data Validation can help:

  • Confirm that every student has at least 2 emergency contacts and at least one phone number for each contact.
  • Scrub invalid email addresses. Rules could ensure all email addresses in the system do not contain bogus data.
  • Make sure that siblings have certain key pieces of data in sync.
  • Make sure that key data like courses have the proper state course codes associated with them.
  • Ensure that any student who has a Contact record with a relationship of "foster parent" is also marked as a foster youth student. Since schools get additional funding for foster students, this could be an opportunity to keep the records clean and maximize resources.
  • Verify that students living outside the district boundaries have a proper interdistrict transfer on file by comparing the student's address data to the interdistrict transfer code. This would help schools ensure that students from outside the district have the proper paperwork.
  • Ensure that students who have certain prerequisites have met with their counselor at least once within their first month of school. This could be accomplished by making sure at least one counseling note has been entered for the student during a specific time period.

Data validation promotes accountability for the staff responsible for data entry and reduces the burden on the Aeries administrator to be the perpetual fixer-of-bad-inputs. Validations can be established for simple things like making sure every student has a birth date populated or comparing two fields for consistency. It also scales to more complex functions like ensuring that enrollment and program dates do not overlap. The system has been designed to be as flexible as possible, leveraging the powerful nature of SQL queries to create the definitions. Since definitions are defined in SQL, the types of validations that can be created are virtually limitless!

At Aeries we're building a world where data always empowers, never impedes and we know that Data Validation is a step in the right direction. 

Ready to start? Contact to request participation in the Data Validation Open Beta testing period, today!

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Note: Multifactor Authentication must be enabled for Admins before the Data Validation Definitions page will display. This added layer of security is essential due to the implications of executing custom SQL statements via a Data Validation Definition.