AeriesCon Fall 2019 Welcome Address Speaker

Aeries Software is pleased to announce Andrea Bennett as the inaugural keynote speaker for the 2019 Annual Fall AeriesCon, September 23, 2019.

Andrea has a total of 30 years’ experience, as a programmer and database manager. She has served as a Director of Student System Services and Director of Information Technology Services at two large California school districts, East Side Union High School District and Oakland Unified School District. Since 2006, Andrea has been the Executive Director for the California Educational Technology Professional Association (CETPA). At CETPA Andrea works with the CETPA Board of Directors in providing vision and planning while leading the CETPA programs, meeting the organizations goals and objectives. Andrea represents CETPA, as a liaison, to governmental and external organizations both on a local and national level.

Throughout Andrea’s tenure directing CETPA, she has promoted leadership, advocacy, learning and community as the cornerstone CETPA core values. Andrea has created and facilitated meaningful programs, such as state-wide Student Data Privacy awareness along with creating the CA Student Privacy Alliance and CTO Mentorship programs. The CTO Mentorship Program is extremely successful in promoting over 250 CTO California K-12 candidates through an extensive training, leadership, and mentorship program. Andrea has been a key advocate in bridging all disciplines of K-12 technology by writing and publishing meaningful articles in many Ed-Tech forums and promotes partnerships with local and state K-12 agencies along with private technology providers.

Aeries is very fortunate to have Andrea at AeriesCon this fall and we can’t wait to hear what she has to say about K-12 technology innovations and education. 

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