10/01/2013 Teacher Portal Attendance Enhancements

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We are pleased to announce the following enhancements to the attendance pages in on the 9/27/2013 version of Aeries:

Missing Attendance Alerts

The window will alert you when there is missing attendance for today, and if your school allows back posting of attendance, for yesterday.  Also, the drop list of periods will be red for those periods missing attendance for the selected date.

Current Line Highlighting

When the mouse hovers over a student, that entire line will turn green.  This aides in knowing which student you are marking attendance for.

Absence Totals

Absence totals are now included to the far right of the student list.  The tardy column includes all three kinds of tardies: Excused, Unexcused, and Unverified.  To see those totals, simply hover your mouse over the number in the tardies column and a tool tip will reveal the breakdown.

Quick Links

There are three new quick links.  When clicked, the Profile icon  will take you to the student's Profile page.  The calendar icon  will take you to the Attendance detail page, and the SSA link will take you to the Assertive Discipline form if your school has granted Read permissions to teachers.

Lunch Count Submission

There is now a "Save Lunch Count" button on the lunch count entry form.  This was added to reduce confusion about whether lunch counts had been submitted or not.  Once you click the "Save Lunch Counts" button, a green text alert notifies you as to when the lunch count was last saved.

Attendance By Photo

You can see that the missing attendance alerts, the profile, attendance detail, and SSA (missing from this screenshot) links, and lunch count submission have also been included in the Seat Attendance form.  The absence totals, however, are not included.

We hope you enjoy the new features to the attendance screen and that they facilitate you in providing the best education possible to your students. As always, our documentation has been updated to feature the latest on functionality in the Teacher Portals and can be found either on the Online Help or on our website here.